Daily UI

Neumorphism has a bad reputation for providing poor accessibility and usability. My goal with the challenge is to understand how neumorphism works and find a way to incorporate it into designs in such a way that it makes the product stand out with its aesthetics and compliments usability at the same time.

  • UX/UI design
  • Adobe XD
  • 2020
Neumorphic registration form. Daily UI 001
Neumorphic Credit Card Checkout. Daily UI 002
Calculator, neumorphism. Daily UI 004
Neumorphism. Big X button. Daily UI 005
Animated share button, neumorphism Daily UI 010.
Location Tracker, space theme. Neumorphism. Daily UI 020
Boarding pass, neumorphism. Daily UI 024
Newsletter Subscription, neumorphism. Daily UI 026