During my bootcamp, I completed a 5-week internship at a Paris-based healthcare company Nabla, which resulted in the creation of a customisable symptom and food intake diary feature.

  • UX/UI design
  • Adobe XD
  • 2020
Nabla introduction. Text on the photo: About the client: Nabla is an app that provides a personal care team for its members. At the time of collaboration they were testing the beta version and working on improving it based on the feedback from their test users. The company already had an established brand identity and a design system that they provided for me to work with.
Nabla diary feature screenshots, UX/UI design by Margarita Fray
Nabla brief for Margarita Fray: Nabla’s test users requested a diary feature that would allow them to track their symptoms and food intake without contacting the doctors each time because information was getting lost in the messages.
Nabla brand identity - colors and typography
User persona design by Margarita Fray
User journey, opportunity map
User journey map by Margarita Fray
Customisable symptom and food intake diary feature, concept by UX/UI designer Margarita Fray
Custom icon design by Margarita Fray